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Friday Five: Where Have I Been?

I have been MIA for quite a while. It’s been a busy two weeks trying to dig out of the hole left after Disney Princess weekend and the Atlanta trip. In honor of my time away, I would love to share with you this latest version of Friday Five: Where Have I Been?

  1. St. Patrick’s Scavenger Run
  2. The Bachelor Fantasy League Finale
  3. Work. A lot of time was spent at work.
  4. High School Basketball Games.
  5. Snowshoe, West Virginia

St. Patrick’s Scavenger Run

Goal: run, find the shamrocks hidden throughout the city, come back to the store, win prizes. 

Every shamrock on the map is the location of a painted wooden shamrock in real life. Go!

I saw this event pop up on Facebook sometime early this month, but I disregarded it. Yesterday it popped up again during the 7:00 hour. The day was beautiful outside. But the CrossFit workout looked super fun, so I was conflicted. I can do kettlebell swings any day. But there’s only one St. Patrick’s Shamrock Scavenger Run.

The event was hosted by Robert’s Running and Saucony. Big props to the organizers. I had a BLAST! My partner was Jill Meadows, the incredible spirit who is an impressive yogi and previous 50K ultra winner. So I sprinted… partly because we wanted to get the first shamrock before someone else found it… and partly because she’s pretty swift. Later I found out that she was running faster because I was running faster.

No running watch, no Apple watch, and I didn’t even start my RunKeeper. I just had a bunch of fun and ran something like 3-4 miles? What a great evening! I’m glad I chose the scavenger hunt over kettlebell swings. I won a two-pack of Saucony socks! I love socks!

Oh, and there was green beer to be had. So that’s a win-win.

Tell us who won!?


The Bachelor Fantasy League Finale

Bingo cards ready!
This event was on Monday night this week. Let’s put in this way, Bachelor Bingo really engages the viewer in the TV show in a very intimate way. 🙂 We cannot wait to start our next league in May!

I posted back in ?January? about The Bachelor GIFs and mentioned this fantasy league. My team netted me last place. Oy! Kristy ran away with the contest… lucky choices, I suppose. 😉 But I think the five of us had a lot of fun. Next time we will be changing the draft rules just a bit to make the teams larger and maybe I can last longer in the competition?


Shown: The Final Rose and our league prizes.
Ashley made The Finale Rose, her signature cocktail. Totally yummy! I highly recommend sampling any of her signature cocktails if you ever get a chance. I’ve never been disappointed.

But how about those two lovebirds?!?! I was a Lauren B. fan. I’m extremely pleased that Ben chose Lauren B. on The Bachelor. And JoJo as the new Bachelorette? Great choice, ABC. Her voice is a little annoying, but her nail polish and style points make up for that small, petty complaint.

Chinchilly by Essie

Work. A lot of time was spent at work.

We are the last two people at work. The eye clinic staff is dedicated.

That hole I dug myself (not on purpose) when I was on vacation? Yeah, I’m just now seeing what sea level looks like. We’ve had some incredibly challenging cases at work lately. Just last Friday I had a retinal tear, intractable CME, recurrent post-op uveitis x2, a huge NAION, severe retinopathy with macular edema, and a sixth nerve palsy. That’s a lot of charts to sign and care to coordinate.

We survive, though. Being understaffed in the eye clinic has proved challenging. We’ll be back down to 2 providers once Johnson goes on paternity leave. But at least the residents are a little more self-sufficient than this summer or early fall. Always a plus side, right?

It would be lovely to get the 2 providers who are currently in the boarding process. It would be lovely to get our clinic expansion we were promised. It would be lovely to have less administrative duties that interrupt my patient care. I’ve had a lot of whiny moments lately, but for every whiny moment I’ve had 3 excited moments. 

You have no idea what this picture is… so let’s just move on to the next photo.

Example A: woman couldn’t get to the clinic until after 4pm. She shows up, tells me she is crazy, tried really hard to read those letters, and then hugged me for calling her the day before to get her to come in for an exam.

Example B: I took a picture just yesterday of an early horseshoe tear through our slit lamp camera using a 78D lens AND my scleral depressor. Yeah buddy.

Example C: My grand rounds presentation was accepted for the 2016 American Academy of Optometry meeting in Anaheim, California!!!

Late evenings are worth it sometimes. 

My reward! Beautiful evening!

High School Basketball Games


How did I not save the photo of dad coaching? His girls, though, took plenty selfies. This night was on my birthday!
My dad coached at AAA Logan High School this year, and as per every year around my birthday, games were to be attended. Lots of games, I had hoped. Alas, we only got to attend 2 games. The first was the night of my birthday, when the team won. The next was last week, when the team lost.

The most difficult aspect was seeing my dad being the head coach. The actual head coach had a health scare… and then he was hospitalized… and then he had surgery! It was terrible news, and I was nervous for both of the men.

But what a great time getting to spend some weeknights with my family! I miss them!

Can you play basketball in Tory Burch flats? Taylor can.

Snowshoe, West Virginia

During ski season, it is odd to find a post on my blog that doesn’t have a ski picture or mention me skiing. This time around… a video! Paul and I are learning how to ski bumps (moguls, but not the crazy ones). I bobbled at the top and I tried to spray Bri with snow at the end of the video; the middle of the video isn’t a bad representation of my current bump ski level. b e g i n n e r.

And that’s it! That’s all I’ve got for you this week. I’m pretty excited I was able to even hit publish on this one with all the stuff going on in my world. 

Until next time, tell me what you’ve been up to lately in the comments below. Have you gone on a vacation? Bought a car? Hung out with an awesome kid? Gone for a bike ride? Please share!