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How did this site/blog begin?

In April 2014, the idea for a website hit me randomly at my big girl job. Your happiness guide is me… Meghan Elkins. I am 31 years old, an optometrist, and I like being happy! Trust me when I say that happiness is not always a constant in my life. I have gone through depression, loneliness, and self-doubt.

How did I escape? I’ve had to recognize my situation and tell sadness “I hear you, I understand why you want me to feel this way, but I’m good and need to get back to being great, k thanks.” Even today, I will never be defined by the circumstances of my life. I will be defined by how I react.

Every day. Get up. Choose happy. Live fully.

Am I telling you that I have all the answers? No. I do not have a road map to Happy Town. No, I do not know what you should do after that initial happy choice. And, no, I cannot guarantee my mantra is fail-proof.

That site was there to share experiences: mine & yours. I truly wanted it to become a community of expression because my happiness will never mirror your happiness. My “Choose Happy” mantra thus became Choose Your Happy!

But then…

My site became more than just Choose Your Happy. It became a part of me, so I needed an Internet home that reflected the full scope of my life. I tried to run 2 blogs at once, but that didn’t last long. And then I got more restless with being pigeonholed into the narrow scope of my old Internet home. CYH naturally evolved into Meg Sees The World.

So this is how I see the world. Sure, literally, this shiny new blog will have posts of me seeing the world when I get a chance to travel; however, I love metaphors, so I’ll also show you the world as viewed in my headspace. I’ll show you the things that make me happy & frustrated, motivational ideas on living life, and even a few DIY posts for good measure.

I am so excited for showing you my world.

And here I am.

Just me, the sunset, and the Stanley Hotel.
Just me, the sunset, and the Rocky Mountains.

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