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MusicMonday: Grey’s Anatomy Features “Believe”

Correatown covered Cher’s Believe and it was featured during last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I have absolutely loved the music this season… it’s like the show has hit another stride and the music carries it along the digital waves to my TV.

Thoughts? How many of you are still watching Grey’s? For the record– I quit 3-4 seasons ago but am back on the wagon.

Music Monday: Soul On Fire

Lately I’ve experienced a lot of signs from the Universe, God, karma, coincidences, whatever it is that you believe in… I’ve had a lot of them.

It’s been a theme of transformation, fire of the spirit, the full moon: all connected this past week. My faith is in the Holy Trinity and I truly feel that my God uses people for good. Thankfully I’ve had several “good” people around me to give me some centeredness.

Music Monday is a song that has been running almost repeatedly in my head since last week.

I just hope I can be a soul on fire for life, for love, and for faith. That’s the goal, right? Live life fully, love wholly, and constantly remain faithful.

Music Monday: Bay City Rollers, “Saturday Night!”

Shannon, the Bay City Rollers, and spelling. I love “Saturday Night.”

My cousin, Shannon, and I were really close when we were growing up. We were both an only child at the time, and being only 10 months apart we were sisters.

I have a couple of memories involving songs with Shannon. Probably my favorite is “So Close” by Hall & Oates in the back seat of the 4 Runner. But for some reason when I hear this song linked below I think of her in particular. The Bay City Rollers are still on my playlist today!

I remember sitting on our couch in the Huntington, WV apartment and Shannon was visiting from Lexington, KY. We were competing with spelling words and she got Saturday correct… because she knew it from the song. 🙂 I don’t think I forgot it after that. We were like 5 & 6 years old or something super young like that.

I love you, Shannon. 😀

PS- For the record, I also LOVE the Bay City Rollers in general. My momma has good taste in music.

And just like b-a-n-a-n-a-s I sometimes use this song to spell S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y to this day.

#MusicMonday | At The Beginning

IMG_0568My sister and I might not look alike and we also don’t act alike either. But more times than not we are eerily in sync and unstoppable as a team. Seriously, you don’t want to play us in Catch Phrase. We will destroy you.

It’s actually super cute. We have a weird bond based on our completely varying but sometimes overlapping tastes. Our humor is similar (sometimes) and our music preferences are, too (sometimes). SO–



When we saw Bridesmaids we both knew that basically this was us:Bridesmaids GIF

But we won’t be singing “Hold On” when one of us gets married. We have our own song. Ladies and gentlemen I bring you “At the Beginning” from the best non-Disney animated movie of the 1990s, Anastasia.

This post has gotten longer than intended. But, Taylor, love you. And I can’t wait for our next jam session to this amazing song.

#MusicMonday | Unbelievable

Today’s #MusicMonday is “Unbelievable” by Owl City ft. Hanson!

I’m a little behind posting today, but I got it in under the wire to satisfy the challenge requirements of my writing group. 5 for 5 this week is the goal.

I chose “Unbelievable” because the song features my favorite band: Hanson. One day I will TOTALLY make a post devoted solely to their amazing music and harmonies. But today you get them featured on an Owl City song.

Listen to the lyrics. They kind of tie in with my Friday Five post for this week.

Growing up is unbelievable. Being here at 31 is pretty amazing, too.

Catch you all tomorrow. 🙂

The Circle of Life

When I walked into Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Saturday, July 5th, The Circle of Life was playing. Not sure if you understand just how powerful of a moment this was, but the park is alive and the song was its breath. 

Have you seen the videos of the touring Broadway show singing on the airplane? Although my park experience doesn’t compare to being serenaded on a plane by the actual performers, a YouTube video documenting just that makes my memory even more powerful. 

Hope you enjoyed!

#MusicMonday: Spice Girls Wannabe

I remember hear Wannabe in fall 1996 but it blew up in 1997. I loved that year; it is the last year of my “youth” to be honest. The last year of being a kid. The last year of it being acceptable to be childish.

And the music?! The music takes me back every time.

Back in summer 1997 my cousins and I made a music video in my basement. This video has been rumored to be in existence for YEARS. Seriously. Family members were starting to doubt they’d ever see it. Now is the time… because once all 6 of us saw it we couldn’t keep it secret.

Eventually I will have this video in its proper digital format, but until then j have filmed it as it was being played on the VCR.

So today’s #MusicMonday is a song that takes me back to a time when I DEFINITELY took myself seriously when it comes to making music videos. The Spice Girls – Wannabe

Note: this video has nothing to do with working out or my faith, but, c’mon, you gotta admit that even Jesus would chuckle at our amazing dance moves.

#MusicMonday: Lady Gaga’s The Sound of Music Tribute

On my birthday 40 years ago, March 2, 1965, The Sound of Music won FIVE Oscars.

For the love of all things sacred in the motion picture world… PLEASE watch this performance!!!

Everything about this performance was so right. And you cannot tell me that you were not moved to chills down your spine when Julie Andrews walked out on stage visibly moved by Lady Gaga’s performance.

This music, the feelings it evokes, truly captures the soul of melody. I absolutely love music for this very reason.

For every feeling there is a song. And the hills in West Virginia are alive with The Sound of Music!

#MusicMonday: Brett Dennen & Daryl Hall

Live From Daryl’s House is my Dad’s favorite Internet thing. And I resisted for so long, but sometime last year I got to watching some of the episodes with my favorite artists as guests. Rob Thomas was great. But Brett Dennen’s amazing (albeit awkward) appearance tops my list. They played several songs and Only Want You is my favorite duet.

The two sound beautifully in harmony. It truly is an immersive audio experience that I think you all should watch. Daryl Hall & Brett Dennen make my soul feel alive playing together at Daryl’s house.

When I do not feel inspired
I can only speak my heart.

I’m sitting in the middle of a fire, fire
And I can’t even catch a spark.

Brett Dennen is one of my favorite songwriters. His lyrics and melodies play perfectly on the ear, and his voice, although different, expresses an emotion that I can only begin to imagine replicating with my words. Check his stuff out! Be sure to look up Out Of My Head, When We Were Young, and Loves You The Most. I am very grateful for the person who introduced me to this music in Charleston, West Virginia in October 2013. Mountain Stage is a prime example of folks doing what they love and bringing quality musicians to those who love it, too!